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I have checked in
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Hey I have check in and wrote something!!!!!

Paranormal Support Group
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This is an idea that I've had for a while, but not sure it will have enough of foothold to be worth starting.  I did just put up a Poll about it, so maybe I can get some feedback that way.

The thought is meeting regularly (not sure if once a month is too often) to have attendees share in their experiences, discuss ways they may be dealing with paranormal activity in their lives, and throw in some other tidbits related to the field, like exposure to equipment, training, etc.  Maybe we can even have guest speakers.  We can always go over recent cases, old evidence, etc, for those interested in that.

The bottom line is it would be a way for ETPRS members, past and present clients, and other interested parties to get together and talk about the paranormal.

The kicker for me is finding a good location to host it.  And that's where I need to put in a bit more footwork.  It should be somewhat centrally located, and for our area that would be somewhere in Knoxville.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Meeting Adjustment
Category: General News

Don't forget to check the Meeting Information.  The location of the October Meeting is no longer going to be at the Haggard's Farm, but at Kristy's place (aka the Batcave).  Directions are available via the Event section above.

Also, we've had to cancel this month's PJs meeting.  We will get you the information on the next PJ meeting as soon as we have it.


Crazy Weekend
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I spent last week in KC for work, and got back in time to have a little bit of sleep before the busy weekend.  Saturday evening, Texas, Randy and I spent several hours at Dead Man's Farm.  It was great to meet so many nice people and there were a lot of under-18 folks showing interest in the Paranormal Juniors.  We talked to several great people, including the make-up artist for DMF that is part of a competition on the Food Network (baking cakes).  We also got to see Jeff a couple of times (DMF Owner) and some really interesting people with some great stories to tell.  We are looking forward to some of those asking about an investigation to set up an appointment.

Texas and I plan to be back at DMF this coming weekend with Tracy and Scott.  Hopefully we can get an investigation in on Friday night as well if the client is free.

Busy busy busy busy busy as always in October.

Discussion Board is back
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I have re-added the Discussion Board. The link can be found under Communicate. 

I consolidated the different forums into a single one in hopes that this will make things a bit easier to use.  I will monitor usage to see if there is a reason to keep them or remove them for good and find a replacement (perhaps an open ETPRS Facebook Group).



Website Switch-a-roo
Category: General News

Hello everyone,

I've been working on the website, again.  :)

There is very little that has changed, though it might look like it is very different.  Mostly, I've just rearranged things and added a few images, or updated old ones.

The old Home button is now the cute little ghosty "Return Home", which will take you back to the original landing page.  I have added images for the Investigate/Educate/Communicate menu items and cleaned up the info a bit.  The Communication button still needs some work, cleaning up the menu options.  I added a description to the PI Cert page, so maybe it makes more sense to some people.  I pulled out he PJ menu item and made it it's own button.  I don't want it to get lost under everything else.  Thanks Shonda!  I haven't done much yet to the Member Only section, other than putting a graphic on the button.  If you aren't a member, you won't see it anyway.

I have renamed the old NEWS section (from the front page) to this section... Drew's Blog.  Mainly I did that because I found that I was simply reposting the same thing here and on Facebook. So instead I decided to do away with this as the news and just pull in the FB feed for the news.  I consolidated the Equipment and Articles together.  Right now it's just called Articles.  That might change eventually. 

I hope you like our new banner.  I've used the same one on the Facebook page.  It is not necessarily permanent, but so far it has gotten some good comments.  The old TN State Shape with ETPRS and the ghost is still our logo.  So you'll see it pop up here and there. :)



Dead Man's Farm 2013
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ETPRS will be at Dead Man's Farm each Saturday in October.  We hope to see you there!!!

Website Facelift
Category: General News

It's that time again, folks!

I'm going to start working on reworking the website again.  Likely nothing too drastic, but this one has been up long enough that I can see a bit clearer what is being used, what isn't being used, and what needs to have a better solution (like Member Data storage).

If you have any ideas for this up-and-coming revamp, please send your thoughts to drew@etprs.com and I will definitely consider them.  I don't care if it's something big or something small, I would like to hear your ideas.

Thanks in advance,



1. I removed the Discussion Board.  It has never been used a lot, and it's just as easy to discuss things on the Facebook page.  I will continue to look for better solutions regarding this type of interface, but there is no point having a forum if it is so lightly used.

Busy, Busy!
Category: General News

We had a very good overnight investigation last week in Harriman.  Hopefully this weekend can be devoted to reviewing evidence from the last couple of investigations.  Though a few of us may be meeting in the Big Ridge State Park area on Saturday for a mini-investigation. 

- Drew

Lots of things to do!
Category: General News

ETPRS Members:  Investigation requests have been pouring in.  Make sure you attend the monthly meetings so you are considered active.  Contact Texas if you have any doubt.  We need your help with these investigations, but we also need your participation at the meetings and at other events.  Stay active!

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