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Dead Man's Farm
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Halloween is fast approaching!!!!  Time for Dead Man's Farm!  We are scheduled to set up on Saturdays at Dead Man's Farm on the following dates:

**September  29th

**October 6th

**October 13th

**October 20th

**October 27th

We look forward to seeing everyone there! 

Attentions Members: There is a new post in the member section for sign-ups, etc.  (Lexi, we have you signed up, so no worries about reposting there) :)

Testing Personal Blog Category
Category: Personal Blogs

I am testing the new category! Tada! 

This was entered via the Add Blog section of my profile.  Tada x2!

Membership Training
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Hello yall,


It is great to see so many new cases coming in and seeing new faces wanting to join our group.  Drew and I are working on some ideas for a new membership meeting.  It will be at our house and all members will be welcome.  Details are still in the making but we are really looking forward to having everyone over!!! 

August meeting reminder
Category: General News

Remember that the coming up August meeting has a new location - Randy's new house in Alcoa.  The date is Aug 25 from 1pm to 5pm. 

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