Dead Man's
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I hope you have us down for Sept. date.  Because we will be busy the Oct. saturdays getting ready for Oct. meeting.


St. Albans Family Day - June 8
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June 8 is a Family Entertainment Ghost Hunt for those who want to share a family experience in St Albans. Families will take part in a two hour tour and a light investigation together. Cost is $10 a person.

To make reservations, email Jessie at

Times Past Haunted Farms
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ETPRS Members: Check out the Yahoo group for more information concerning an upcoming trip to South Carolina in April.

2012 ETPRS Group Trips
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ETPRS plans to visit many exciting places this year.  We are really looking forward to an exciting year!.  Initial plans include:

St. Albans Sanatorium in the spring

Prospect Place (and The Depot!) in the summer

Hales Bar Marina and Dam in the fall

...and we are also checking into:

The Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, TN

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY

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