Tips and Information for Prospective Clients



There are five elements that a potential client should consider when deciding to contact a paranormal group:

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Training
  • Maturity
  • Honesty


Experience: How long has the organization been investigating the paranormal?  Are the individuals that come to your home or business thoroughly trained and does the group include a lead investigator that has ample time with the organization? It is perfectly normal that one or two members of the group coming to your home may be relatively new, but there should be at least one or two experienced members in the group.  You should continue your search elsewhere if no one in the group has experience.  You should not be a guinea pig to a group of fly-by-night thrill seekers.  There is always an inherent risk of a negative energy or malicious spirit wreaking havoc with an inexperienced group, and you will be left with the consequences. Bottom line – The investigators need extensive and practical experience if they are actually going to help you.

Professionalism: A group of investigators coming to your home should treat you with respect and at all times act as guests in your home. They should be clean, wear proper identification and act with respect.  There are tell-tale signs of this that can be seen from the way they handle your request for assistance.  How long did it take for someone to contact you?  Did that person seem to have a logical set of questions they asked?  How quickly were you able to set up the investigation date?  Did they answer your questions? Were you informed of a turn-around time for evidence and the reveal?  The investigators will have sufficient tools for their trade.  While some of the equipment can get quite expensive, there are ample items that any serious investigator will find a way to obtain.  However, professional does not equate to charging the customer.  The paranormal field is simply not at a reliable point where charging for services should ever be considered. Bottom line – If the investigators are not professional, then they are not taking you seriously.

Training: Watching a few ghost hunter shows does not qualify anyone to determine if your establishment is haunted.  Even a green investigator has ample opportunity to learn from others by joining an existing group or attending any number of available weekend seminars that are available regularly around any given area of the country.  As was mentioned, owning certain pieces of equipment in the group is essential.  But possessing the equipment without knowing the proper techniques in use is a wasted endeavor.  Bottom line – Make sure the people coming to your house are qualified to be there.

Maturity: Many of us get a kick out of a good scare. That is one reason that haunted attractions are as popular as ever. But your home is not a haunted attraction. You need a group of investigators that not only show respect for you, but for whatever entity might be in the home or business. You certainly do not need the people you’ve called on for help to run out of the building screaming, or worse yet giggling and goofing off.  With experience and training, the right investigator will learn how to control their instinctive fears and put their client ahead of themselves.  Bottom line – Do you feel comfortable with the actions and communication abilities of the group members?

Honesty: This one is pretty simple. If a person goes into a house determined to find ghosts, he will find ghosts.  It is so very easy to find “unexplainable” issues in any and every home. But the truth is, the greatest numbers of reported paranormal phenomena are ultimately caused by something natural or normal.  Natural influences can be biased by inexperience and excitability. A good investigator will be skeptical first and foremost in order to rule out these natural phenomena. Was that a ghost knocking in the kitchen or just the refrigerator’s compressor turning on? Is that a spirit scratching at the window or a tree limb? Did the EMF meter spike because of an entity or because there is a breaker box on the other side of the wall? And most importantly, you as a client need to know the truth.  Bottom line – An investigator is only credible if he is willing to tell you exactly what was (or was not) discovered during the investigation.


Expectations and qualities from a paranormal investigation group should include:

  • A designated Case Manager that is the initial contact point for your request.  They should ask you comprehensive questions to help determine the severity and urgency of the situation and be able to answer your questions as well. 
  • A Lead Investigator who will contact you to set up the specific date and time of the investigation.  This person should be able to provide you with their experience level and exhibit a professional demeanor at all times.  They should also offer contact information so that you can communicate before and after the investigation.
  • Willingness to travel to your location.
  • Sufficiently sized investigation group (based upon the size of the location) and a high level rundown of available equipment they can bring to your home.
  • Specific dates for the investigation, an estimation of the turn-around time for review of evidence, and ultimately a date for the reveal
  • Supply proper credentials and any appropriate waivers and confidentiality agreements to read through and sign.
  • List of references or examples of their work.  While it is common for groups to not give specifics about other residential investigations such as names and addresses, they should still be able to supply other information to give you ample information concerning their relative experience.
  • Public information and preferably an access point for you to verify their experience and even communicate with other clients (such as a website or Facebook page).
  • Resolution resources, should the investigation require a cleansing or blessing.



If you would like for ETPRS to assist you, please feel out a form to Request an Investigation.


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We are field investigators and researchers with the objective of finding and studying locations with potential paranormal activity in a scientific and professional manner. 

We seek to learn about ghosts and other entities in an open-minded environment.  We also wish to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a situation related to our field, by giving them the information and understanding to create a viable resolution. We offer assistance with any paranormal or unexplained situations ranging from private homes to business settings. We use the latest electronic tools and other detection equipment along with intuitive and sensitive investigators. We can also contact a network of other trained professionals who can assist, should the need arise.  We provide the owners of the location a report of our findings and evidence free of charge.

Our goal is to gather, assess, and collate data that will lead to the better understanding of spirits and hauntings. We are open-minded to all theories and methods of paranormal investigation. This is not an exact science; all of us in this field are learning as we go, and hopefully, our work will produce the theories and proof necessary to bring the subject of ghosts into the mainstream.


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