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Personal Experiences
I Had A Paranormal Experience Back In August 2008 That Changed My Life Forever! Before August 2008 I Was A Skeptic About The Ghost And Paranormal Hipe!!! But After What I Had Experinced Back In August 2008... I Am Not A Skeptic Anymore!!! When You Have A Door Open By Its Self And Close By Its Self, And I Being The Only One At The Residence At That Time, That Was Enough Evidence That There Is Life After Death!!! Needless To Say I Never Went Back To That Residence Alone Ever Again!!!

Paranormal Investigation Background
None As Of Yet... But Want To Learn More About The Paranormal... Mabe That Will Explain What I Had Experienced Back In August 2008...

Paranormal Group Affiliation
None As Of Yet! But Would Like To Start My Own Group Someday...

Other Interests
Spending Time With My Family... Going To Church To Worship The Lord And Enjoying Life To Its Fullest!!! Because We Are Only Here For A Little While!!!

General About Me
I'm A 34 Year Old Devoted Husband And Devoted Father Of A 13Year Old Child... I Like Watching Sports...Fishing Hunting And Camping...

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