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Personal Experiences
In my teens I had a few experiences centered around a ouija board. Since joining the group I have encountered some very strange and wonderful things, but only one significant experience at Prospect Place.

Paranormal Investigation Background
Active investigator for ETPRS since 2010 and currently Lead Investigator, Web Admin and Trainer.

Paranormal Group Affiliation
Member of ETPRS since 2007. Lead Investigator, Training and Web Admin.

Other Interests
Writing, Reading, Music, Movies and Gaming. Free Scotland!

General About Me
Married with four great kids.

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Only my friends can post.
Sep 5th 2013

Hi Amanda.  The public Facebook PAGE is open to anyone, so there isn't any specific "acceptance" done there.  You can LIKE the page and start discussions on that page if you like.  The other page we have is currently a GROUP, which has member only access. 

Maybe I can start a GROUP that is open to members and non-members alike.  I'll bring that up at the next meeting in a couple of weeks.  I could put the Discussion Board back up, but it was so poorly used, I just don't see the value in doing so.  Let me think about it. :)  In the meantime, you can get on the open Facebook PAGE.

I am currently working on some major overhaul to the website. 

Sep 4th 2013

Hey! I have not been accepted on the facebook page, and with the discussion boards gone I would really like to be part of that group. Can you accept my facebook request?



Dec 17th 2012

OSPH is next weekend, between Christmas and New Years.

Dec 17th 2012
Hey Drew! I'm checking out the updates to the site. There's lots of great new links and tools. I'm also curious whether OSPH is this weekend after the meeting or is it the following weekend? I need to start figuring my transport and schedule for those events. I know John and Leigh Anne offered for me to ride with them to the hospital but i need to make sure I have a contingency plan should anything change at the last minute.
Oct 4th 2012
I've been asking around and was told today about a street in Vonore, Dawson St. that is "definitely haunted" apparently the entire street was built on a cemetery and on the first full moon of every month the ghosts knock on everyone's back doors all night. I looked into it on Google and there are references to ghosts and hauntings on some Wiki sites but no really information or statements about it. The guy who told me has offered to take me there and another location that he didn't really tell me anything about other than "it's definitely haunted"

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